How to spot an SDET professional training that is a sham

Alex Siminiuc
3 min readNov 22, 2021
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Let’s start with the definition of a sham.

SHAM — something that is not what it purports to be

A sham is something fake that assumes the appearance of something else that is real. Like a sham marriage that is used for getting citizenship. Or a sham resume that mentions jobs and companies that do not exist. Or a sham training that pretends that delivers good, detailed, professional, advanced, in-depth content in an impossible timeline.

I got an email recently about an online training for SDET Professional Certification.

Out of curiosity, I checked out its details.

The curriculum

It looks pretty good:

1. Core Java

2. Eclipse IDE

3. TestNG/JUnit


5. Selenium WebDriver

6. Advanced Selenium Concepts

7. Automation Frameworks

8. Apache Maven

9. Git

10. Cucumber

11. Automated Reporting

12. REST API Automation

13. DevOps

14. Jenkins

15. Web Development

16. Spring Framework

17. Database

It covers programming skills needed for an SDET:

  • Java
  • Test NG/Junit
  • TDD
  • Eclipse IDE

It includes various tools that are needed every day such as Git and Maven.

It also goes over various test automation types such as

  • Selenium web automation
  • Automation frameworks
  • API automation (Rest Assured)
  • BDD (Cucumber)
  • Database automation (JDBC, Oracle/MySql)

It does not stop here.

It also goes over CI/CD with Jenkins, including automated reporting.

Alex Siminiuc