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Alex Siminiuc
3 min readOct 17, 2021

I published a course on a few years back on the topic of load testing using JMETER.

Publishing the course involved a few phases:

  • Write the course material
  • Upload the material on
  • Udemy course review; Udemy asked for the material to be in different formats (text, slideshow, video) instead of just text
  • Update the course as per the conclusions of the review
  • Another Udemy course review
  • Udemy course approval
  • Course publishing

The whole process took about 4 months.

The course was online for 6 months.

Not agreeing with how Udemy marketed the course (the course original price was USD 25; Udemy could, however, decide to promote it for any other price, USD 10, USD 5, even USD 1), I decided to take it offline.

The whole experience was so disappointing.

About a year ago, a marketing person from a company unknown to me at the time ( asked if I would be interested in writing an online course for them.

This company had a different approach to online courses. Instead of using videos or screen capture exclusively for delivering the content, they decided to have text-only courses that included a lot of interactivity.

I agreed reluctantly only because I already had the material for it. The topic was executing Java Selenium tests in Azure Devops using YAML pipelines.

Finalizing the course material and uploading it to the site took a few months. The course was ready from my point of view and I hoped for a quick publishing so that the course can reach interested people.

But had a different opinion. The course was not ready yet and much more had to be done on it.

This additional work took much longer than any of my expectations so I started to question if the decision of working with was the right one.

In the end, the answer was yes.

It took longer than expected to publish because the course standards are quite high compared to what I…

Alex Siminiuc