I published a course on Udemy.com a few years back on the topic of load testing using JMETER.

Publishing the course involved a few phases:

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I found today an interesting Quora question: Are coding jobs saturated?

And realized that a similar question can be asked about automation jobs (not testing).

Are automation jobs saturated as well?

Before answering the question about automation jobs, let’s see what people said about coding jobs.

One of the Quora…

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One of the things that makes Selenium code better is having many small, single-purpose classes instead of fewer large, multiple purpose ones.

It is common for testers that just started Selenium automation to use utility classes as containers for many, unrelated common methods.

This leads to less duplicated code and…

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Everyone goes through interviewing for new jobs once in a while.

If you are a consultant, you probably apply for new jobs once a year or more. As permanent employee, looking for a new job happens less, maybe every few years.

Not many people like the interviewing process. It is…

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If you are using Protractor for test automation of Angular sites, I have bad and good news for you.

First, the bad news.

Protractor will be retired at the end of 2022 as it became incompatible with the latest version of the Selenium WebDriver framework.

Protractor is built on top…

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As a continuation of the article on the reasons of using Java for Selenium automated tests, let’s try to answer a similar question for Javascript.

Why are you using Javascript for writing Selenium tests?

Before reading more, think for a few minutes how would you answer this question in an…

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Indeed, why not a different programming language?

Such as Javascript.

Or C#.

Or Python.

What is so special about Java?

Assume that you are interviewing for a new position and have to answer this question.

What’s your answer?

This is what I would say.

First, Java is on high demand

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Short answer: the site should be designed in a way that allows easy and efficient test automation to be implemented.

Simplicity always helps.

The long answer follows.

The majority of times I was involved in a web test automation project, implementing test automation was not easy because the site design…

What makes an automated test more clear?

By automated test, I understand any test that automates a test case so the test can be for the UI, for an API or anything else.

An automated test is clear if it is short and it is written from the user’s point…

What is wrong in this Selenium code snippet?

public void waitUntilElementIsClickable(WebElement element)
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(0, TimeUnit.SECONDS);
WebDriverWait wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, 10);
driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

At a first glance, the code seems correct.

The first line changes the timeout of the implicit wait to 0 so the implicit wait is…

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